Embrace The Peri-Menopause

Apr 8, 2021

A few years ago, when I turned 46, I began to feel totally out of sorts with myself. Having always felt upbeat and go-getting, I started to suffer from low mood, anxiety, heart palpitations and strange side effects such as itchiness – I literally felt I was being engulfed by a giant tidal wave and there was no way out. I came to understand this was the start of the hormonal rollercoaster that is the peri-menopause. I was determined to learn and be informed; embrace this inevitable force of life. Whenever I felt down, the one thing that always lifted me was dressing up and looking my best – it was my form of self-care and taking control. This is what ultimately led me to training as a Personal Stylist as I am utterly committed to the positive powers of mindful dressing. For those who have also struggled to deal with the changes that menopause brings, my aim is to listen carefully and collaborate with my clients to bring them joy as they rediscover themselves through their own personal style. 

How I can help if you are feeling the effects of peri/menopause:

  • Understanding your unique and wonderful body shape is the key to dressing well. Peri/menopause can cause a woman to gain weight around her mid-section and bust area. In a very empathic manner, I can guide you to styles that will flatter your body shape, which in turn will boost your self-esteem and confidence levels. 
  • Discover your “wow” colours to make you truly zing! Wearing the wrong colour for your skin tone can in fact exacerbate the ageing process through highlighting any wrinkles, dark circles and changes to your hair. 
  • Help you to work through your wardrobe. You may have been hoarding clothes for many years that just don’t work for you now. It’s time to embrace the change and I will empower you to let go of the unflattering shapes that are taking up unnecessary space, rediscover some hidden gems and have fun as we style these up with existing accessories and shoes. I can also identify a “missing items” list to help you build up a smart and effective capsule wardrobe that works just for YOU. 
  • Guide you towards styles and fabrics that can aid those moments of overheating, flushes and sweats. 
  • Help you to love yourself again. Rediscovering yourself through your style will have the most amazing effects on not just you…but everyone around you!